UAV and Ultralight for the Civilian Market

The UAV Civilian market has grown substantially over the last few years; therefore, the trade of this type of vehicle and equipment has turned to an increasingly important industry.
Microlight (Ultralight):
We also offer a range of one or two seat Microlight (Ultralight) aircraft, which can be used as an alternative to UAV's should there be excessive aviation restrictions. We provide a complete range of the most modern Microlights, which can be customized to suit various needs and specific regional regulations.

Advanced Aero-Tech Markets

Advanced Aero-Tech has identified the field of thermo-scanning as a critical requirement in the modern world. This and other markets, in which Advanced Aero-Tech plays an important role today, are:

  1. Security and maintenance of industrial plants
  2. Temperature maximization in commercial constructions
  3. Climate control savings in residential buildings

Scientific research:

  1. Monitoring of wildlife
  2. Protection of forestry and natural resources
  3. Mapping of new territories

Homeland Security:

  1. Demonstration dispersal and Crowd control
  2. Firefighting
  3. Traffic monitoring