Fire Detection

At the beginning of 2008 the research project “International Forest Fire Fighting” (IWBB) was funded by the Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Since then a group of companies, including Advanced Aero Tech, research institutes and universities have been working together for an integrated approach.

Forest fires are a major problem in many places around the world, significant economic and environmental damages are caused every year, an increasing number can be recorded worldwide, e.g. Mediterranean regions, California and Australia. In Germany, the federal state of Brandenburg was graded into the highest hazard class A1 for forest fires in Europe.

To avoid uncontrollable wide spreading of forest fires it is necessary to detect fires in an early state and to prevent the propagation. An integrated approach for forest fire detection and suppression is based on a practical combination of different detection systems depending on wildfire risk, the size of the area and human presence. Fast and effective detection is a key factor in forest fire fighting.

AAT UAVs can be quickly despatched in order to confirm if the origin of the smoke is from a fire or not. In case of a fire it is an extreme challenge to control the flames, especially in a difficult to access  terrain such as a forest fire in the mountains. The UAV can provide a quick, efficient and reliable assessment of the area whilst transmitting real-time information back to the fire fighters, in turn saving lives, preserving  crucial natural resources and significantly saving costs.