Environmental Surveys

AAT can provide you with the perfect tool for surveying and/or mapping areas that are difficult to access by vehicle or on foot or that are environmentally sensitive: wetlands, beaches, forests, wildlife sanctuarys, wildlife parks etc.

Environmental services include the following:
* High resolution mapping
* Environmental Impact surveys
* Wildlife counting surveys
* Image timelines for construction work, mines
* Oil spill clean ups
* Hazmat spills


Our solution allows you to obtain proprietary and recent images whenever needed.

The raw images are digitally processed into high-quality, true orthophotos using the digital surface model (DSM) as ground truth data.

The orthophotos are seamless and display lively colours as they do not suffer from atmospheric haze effects. Full-resolution end products are available within hours or days following the survey, depending on the computing power and the size of your project.
Draping and rendering your orthophoto on your DSM in your GIS or CAD software creates virtual sceneries ideally suited for presenting your work to clients or management.