Company Profile

Advanced Aero Tech specializes in the design, development and production of UAV and peripheral equipment for civilian use. We believe in providing our customers with cost- effective, end-to-end solutions, based on cutting edge and creative concepts. In fact, today, we are one of the few companies to combine the latest technological developments in the field of aerial thermo-scanning with print-your-own drones technologies.

UAV for the Civilian Market

The civilian UAV market has grown substantially over the last few years; therefore, the trade of this type of vehicle and equipment has turned to an increasingly important industry.
Microlight (Ultralight):
We also offer a range of one or two seat Microlight (Ultralight) aircraft, which can be used as an alternative to UAV's should there be excessive aviation restrictions. We provide a complete range of the most modern Microlights, which can be customized to suit various needs and specific regional regulations.

Advanced Aero Tech Advanced Aero-Tech has identified the field of thermo-scanning as a critical requirement in the modern world. This and other markets, in which Advanced-Aero-Tech plays an important role today, include;


Homeland Security

Fisheries protection

Fire detection

Power & pipeline monitoring